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You undoubtedly want to know more about the people behind this software product you've found through your diligent search efforts.  Which is commendable! You need to trust the team behind the software to know what they are doing, both in terms of writing good, usable software, and in terms of understanding the world of fundraising auctions. In all likelihood, you are a volunteer, who has agreed to invest a lot of your time into making your event work; you need tools you can rely on.

So, here's what you need to know:

Tip Top Auction is a product developed and distributed by Northworld LLC.  Northworld is the company that is also the developer and distributor of the SchoolAuction.net, Tofino Auctions, PartySupporters.com, and ImpactBid auction-software products.  Which is to say that we have been helping thousands of non-profit organizations of all types and sizes run a wide range of fundraising auctions since 2007.

We wrote a book on how to run a fundraising auction, our staff have chaired dozens of auctions ourselves, and we learn every day from our customers about the myriad ways a fundraising auction can happen. So take a look around, learn more about what the Tip Top Auction software is designed to do, and then give us a call at (503) 913-4407.

NOTE: We developed Tip Top Auctions as an inexpensive alternative to our main line of auction-software offerings (for more info on those, see http://www.schoolauction.net). In order to make it as affordable as possible, we ONLY provide support through our customer forum, and our online documentation. If you are a paying customer, and need assistance, please use these resources to find the help you need. If you would like to upgrade to an option with live support, contact our sales department at (503) 913-4407.

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